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You can place an advertisement on a classifieds website. advertisement for something Television and radio refused to carry advertisements for the album. see also classified advertisement. Synonyms advertisement advertisement. These are all words for a notice, picture or film telling people about a product, job or service.
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citation needed A surge in advertising interest is typically attributed to the strong relationship advertising plays in cultural and technological changes, such as the advance of online social networking. citation needed A unique model for teaching advertising is the student-run advertising agency, where advertising students create campaigns for real companies.
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advertisement ad-vr-tz-mnt d-vr-tz-mnt, t-smnt Definition of advertisement. 1: a public notice especially: one published in the press or broadcast over the air a full-page advertisement for the movie a TV advertisement. 2: the act or process of advertising something The company has spent a lot of money on advertisement.
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van NL van EN van DE van FR van ES naar NL naar EN naar DE naar FR naar ES Vertaal. Naar andere talen: advertisement DE advertisement ES advertisement FR. Definities in het Engels: Advertisement 4x. Vertalingen advertisement ENNL. de annonce; het annonceren; annoncering znw.;
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The first ads were generally circulated by public criers, who in ancient times announced the sale of various products to passersby. An advertisement offering a reward for a runaway slave, discovered in the ruins of Thebes and estimated to be 3000, years old, demonstrated that printed advertisements also existed during this period.
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And even more, there are more types categorized by different criteria like channel or purpose. Weve put together a collection of 50 advertisement ideas to get your creative juices flowing and start a great marketing campaign! To get started, just go to our online advertisement maker and create your next great ad.
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Naar navigatie springen Naar zoeken springen. 1.3 Zelfstandig naamwoord. Geluid: advertisement VS hulp, bestand. Overgenomen van" https// Woorden in het Engels. Woorden in het Engels van lengte 13. Woorden in het Engels met audioweergave. Woorden in het Engels met IPA-weergave.
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There are less likely to be road safety problems if the advertisement is on a site within a commercial or industrial locality, if it is a shop fascia sign, name-board, trade or business sign, or a normal poster panel, and if the advertisement is not on the skyline.
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If you say that an example of something is an advertisement for that thing in general, you mean that it shows how good that thing is. Both teams made so many mistakes that it was a poor advertisement for rugby league.
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YOU CAN'T' SPELL ADVERTISEMENTS WITHOUT SEMEN BETWEEN THE TITS. Person 1: Wanna" hear a joke" Person 2: Sure, why not" Person 1: Did" you know that you can't' spell advertisements without semen between the tits" Person 2: What" the fuck?
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For instance, I stumbled across this advertisement outside the women's' washroom in the Kansas City airport. Ik stuitte bijvoorbeeld op deze advertentie bij het damestoilet op het vliegveld van Kansas City. advertisement ook: ad, announcement, notice, notification. advertisement ook: advertising campaign.

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