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advertisement for an advertisement for laundry detergent From Longman Business Dictionary LBED_01_a advertisement advertisement / dvtsmntædvrtaz / also advert British English noun countable MARKETING a picture, piece of film, or piece of writing that is used to tell people publicly about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it She appears in advertisements for health foods.
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Post-testing employs many of the same techniques as pre-testing, usually with a focus on understanding the change in awareness or attitude attributable to the advertisement. With the emergence of digital advertising technologies, many firms have begun to continuously post-test ads using real-time data.
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place/run an advertisement The second option was to place an advertisement of the vacancy. reply to/respond to/answer an advertisement When you answer an advertisement, look for words that ask directly about your skills and experience. Definition of advertisement from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press.
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Urban Dictionary's' owner says How" could I affored an advertisement free site and 500 hookers a month? hooker ad advertisement useless ulgy page clutter space taker urban dictionary owner is messed up in the head big time. by AdHaterXTREME November 11, 2007.
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Not only does this reinterpretation of the icon create a strong visual, it also helps this ad appeal to a certain marketmore technologically-savvy people who use online maps and technology. Consider using symbols in your advertisement to create a strong, quick and fairly universal message.
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Advertising developed in a variety of media. Perhaps the most basic was the newspaper, offering advertisers large circulations, a readership located close to the advertisers place of business, and the opportunity to alter their advertisements on a frequent and regular basis.
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Old advertisements formerly available only in research libraries and not always there, since many libraries cut out advertising sections or front and rear covers before binding popular magazines or haphazardly in coffee table books are now accessible to anyone with an Internet connection.
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Why am I seeing ads? Occasionally, you may see advertisements for other companies in Skype if you're' using Skype without paid services, such as Skype Credit or a Subscription. Advertisements help keep Skype free for millions of users, and these advertisements will not disrupt your Skype experience in any way.
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Thats not to say that all advertising is inherently evil, or even bad, because not all advertisements are created equalthey run the gamut from informative to downright destructive. To understand the inherent problems with advertisements, its important to first point out that advertising isnt the same thing as marketing.
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Advertisements, Idee, Productiehuis, Video. Advertisements, Hosting, Video. Bedrijfsreportage M Bistro. Advertisements, Hosting, Video. Dots vertegenwoordigen de milestones, groot en klein, blij en droevig, die we beleven. Onze kwaliteit en de meerwaarde die we leveren heeft alles te maken met onze mogelijkheden om de dots te linken met elkaar.
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